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Top 5 Ways Natural Remedies to Prevent Your Hair Loss

We often get concerned for our looks and appearance. The scariest part is if it is related to the face or hair. Hair loss is a common problem today and one of the major reasons of this could be stress. If you do not beat the stress levels of your life, then even the best natural supplements would also fail to bring back the hair growth on your scalp.

There are many other natural remedies that would help you to prevent hair fall:

1. Follow a healthy diet:

If you think you are facing a hair fall problem, immediately cut down all the oilbased food and consumption of fatty products. Oily food is not going to do any good to your body. These are mere the tongue attractions that turn into guilt feel food later on.

2. Consult a dermatologist:

When you do this, make sure you ask your doctor to recommend you herbal or natural supplements. There are some of the best natural supplements, which work better than any other science based medicine. You would need to undergo a short or long term treatment, depending on your hair fall.

3. Head Massage:

Massage is an essential form of exercise for the entire body. This also includes your scalp and hair. Massaging your hair every alternate day or at least twice a week, will prevent hair loss. To add more shine and for a healthy hair growth, it is important that you massage your hair and scalp with hot oil. This is also one of the therapies under natural remedies.

4. Get a haircut or a hairdo:

Yes, this is true. Do not get worried about the fact that since you are already losing hair, a haircut is going to make it shorter and look worse. Infact, many a times the split ends of your hair, does not allow to the scalp to reach till the end and make your longer. Even the oil reaches till the tip where the split ends start. Thus, it is necessary that you get your hair trimmed once in a while.

5. Include more iron on your natural hair loss supplements:

This point is also applicable to your diet. You need to include more iron in your food. Iron deficiency is of the major reasons of hair fall. There are many ways to check on the iron deficiency and one common way is the blood test. Your blood test will reveal, the amount of iron you need to prevent hair loss. However, if you are already on a hair loss supplement, then make sure you discuss the same with your doctor as too much of iron is also not recommended in your diet or medicines.

Any decision you take, remember not to depend on any heavy medicines and try to start with the natural remedies. If you can already enjoy the benefits with natural supplements,then there is no point to make it harsh on your scalp.

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The Differences Between Cancer and Normal Body Cells

You’ve always defined a cell millions of times as the basic unit of a living organism, this means that it is the building block of a full organism. according to my own understanding; different cells of the same function come together to form a body tissue and different body tissues of the same type and function come together to form an organ then different organs of the same function come together to form a whole system. The ones that come together to form the skin can be referred to as skin cells, just like that, those ones that will come together to form the bone can be called the bone cells. We also have heart or cardiac cells and so on.

In this post we are going to discuss about the difference between cancer and normal body cells. Read along.

The body is made up of trillions of this life foundationsm they are of different varieties. Different types which occupy different parts of the body. During the early stages of life, they divide more rapidly and faster with the sole purpose to bring about growth, but immediately one reaches adulthood and no longer needs to grow, they will now divide to bring about the replacement of dying or worn-out cells. The process by which an individual increase in size right from childhood to adulthood is brought about by the division of this different type of cells in their various parts and locations of the body.

Normally, a cell is supposed to take a specific and systematic path during its life cycle; that is, undergoing cell division when matured and dying off when worn out. Another thing that a normal cell does is to remain in its particular location in the body together with other cells of its type and function. As stated above, our body cells continue to divide even when we are adults to replace dead and worn out cells which will be ejected from the system at the long run. All this things occur systematically and orderly and it is engineered by the genetic instructions within the cell which regulates the operations and life cycle of a normal cell. The difference between cancer cells and normal cells is that a normal cell is has a balance between its production, growth, division and death.

What about Cancer Cells?

Meanwhile, a cancer cell on the other hand is a cell also but far from being a normal cell. It is a cell that undergo uncontrolled and rapid proliferation instead of the slow coordinated mechanism of a normal cell. A cancer cell doesn’t follow the path of a normal cell instead they go the other way round. Cancer cells grow and divide rapidly through an unregulated and unsystematic way, thereby altering the balance and normal functioning of the body. The genetic instructions contained in cells that coordinate the life processes of a normal cell has no power on a cancer cell. The ones that will cause cancer are the stubborn that have grown out of control. They will refuse to die when they are supposed to, instead they continue grow, producing abnormal cells of the same type. The main difference between cancer and normal cells is that it has the ability to leave its present location, flow through the blood stream and get deposited in another location where it becomes harmful when it starts reproduction of a cell different from the type of cell that originally occupies that part of the body. This process is called Metastasis.

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Cancer cells become cancer cells because of certain DNA damage in the nucleus of the cell. Normal cells can either repair the damage or die off. But cancer cells will neither repair the damage nor die off but will continue creating cells that has that same damaged DNA; cells that the body doesn’t understand and cells that is of no use to the body. Damaged DNA can be caused by many factors mainly cigarette or hard drug smoking or exposure to radiation or nuclear substances.

When cancer cells come together they form a tissue called tumor. Tumors can replace normal body tissues and pose more threat to the body if not handled properly and early.

Although there are effective methods to combat cancer now but the very best and most effective weapon to do so is the early detection of cancerous cells, this should be when the cancerous cells have not started undergoing Metastasis.

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Natural Remedies for Ear Infection in Children

Earache has many possible causes, such as excess earwax, a perforated eardrum and other conditions in the head and neck. The most common cause of earache in children is an infection in the middle ear. (Otitis Media) The infection can be bacterial, viral or fungal. GPs very often prescribe antibiotics to help stop ear infections. I get so many calls from worried parents who do not want to give their children antibiotics and look for alternative, natural remedies.

The good news is that in most cases antibiotics are really not necessary as the infection can be treated with natural remedies. There are a number of natural treatments that can help alleviate the pain of earache and treat the cause of ear infections.

Here are some of the many remedies that can be helpful:

Lemon: For an effective remedy for earache, squeeze a little lemon juice to a similar amount of mustard oil. Heat these two fluids together until you have an oily residue. Put a couple of drops into the ear and it will help ease the pain.

Garlic: a great remedy for ear infections as it has antibiotic and immune supporting effects. Garlic oil dripped directly into the ear can treat fungal infections. It is also good to take garlic internally. Just add more garlic to your cooking when you suspect that your child is suffering from an ear infection.

Mullein: I am a huge fan of mullein flowers and often recommend them in cases of upper respiratory infections, coughs and ear infections. Drop 2-3 drops of warm mullein flower oil into each ear every 4 hours as needed. Always treat both ears because ear infections can move from ear to ear.

Peppermint: Mints are antiseptic and they relieve earaches. I would suggest using peppermint tea. It can be sweetened with a little raw honey if necessary, as children often don’t like the taste of menthol.

Echinacea (for children over 12 years of age): A teaspoon of dried herb in tea or a few drops of Echinacea tincture in juice or tea should be given three times a day to benefit from its antibiotic and immune-boosting effects.

Colloidal Silver: Drop one to three drops in the ears twice a day.

Onion: Cut an onion in half, place it face down on a baking tray and bake it in the oven until you start to smell the onion. You want it to be hot enough but make sure it’s not going to burn the ears. Ask your child to lie down and place the onion on their ears like earmuffs. Secure them on the ears by wrapping a scarf around the head. Leave them on for 10-15 minutes. The fumes from the onion should help to unblock the ear canals. Repeat if necessary.

Probiotics: Supplementing with probiotics reduces the occurrence of ear infections. It is very beneficial as it supports the gastrointestinal tract that is a large component of the immune system.

* When putting liquid in the ears, always make sure that it is warmed up to body temperature!

Ear infections mainly affect children, as the tubes that remove mucus from the ears are very small. If a child is sensitive to gluten then the inflammation caused by the reaction to gluten or dairy can cause fluid to remain in the ear. In cases of recurrent ear infections, I recommend the elimination of gluten and dairy form the child’s diet.

Breastfeeding: Breastfed infants develop fewer ear infections than bottle fed babies. Research shows that the longer the baby is breastfed, the lower the risk. If you are bottle-feeding your infant, make sure you feed them in an upright position. Feeding in a laying down position may increase the risk of ear infections.

Cranial Osteopathy: The structure of the head and body has a profound affect on their functioning. Unresolved birth compressions around the base of the skull and the ears can compromise drainage of the Eustachian Tube and leave the ears more vulnerable to recurrent infections. I would highly recommend visiting a cranial osteopath if your child suffers from recurrent ear infections.

Warning: If a doctor has told you that the eardrum has been perforated do NOT use herbal oils in the ears! And do not take essential oils internally, even in small quantities they can be poisonous.

ADD Symptoms Making This World a Slow Place

On one side of the hand we are improving and we are advancing, the technology and the development of industries is leveraging us with the power to make the world go round while on the other hand we are paying the cost for the same with our degrading health and with the dark future of our children.

The world is so busy developing and advancing that we are least cared about the side effects these Industrial advancement and development is going to leave on the future of our kids and coming generations.

A lot of lethal diseases are on the rise, people especially children are vulnerable, they are under the limelight, and they are acquiring these diseases like never before. Dengue, ADD and Anxiety problem are some of the common diseases; these diseases may seem innocuous and short term but they are the ones that create a lot of problems in the long term.

Attention deficit disorder is on a rise, a lot of cases from different corners of the world has been highlighted and the international health agencies have started a lot of programs to spread awareness of this disease across the world.

Attention deficit disorder generally occurs in children in between the age of six to twelve, the major issue with the disease is that it takes around six months for the symptoms to come into limelight and as per the research there is no specific reason behind the occurrence of this disease, but at the same time a lot of studies show that it occurs because of the bad environmental conditions at the time of birth.

Some of the common symptoms of the disease can be listed as follow: –

Anxiety Disorder: – The disease involves problems with the brain and a minor issue with the brain will mess up everything, the patient is more prone to get slow and experience profuse sweating at regular intervals.

Sleep Disorder: – When the brain is unhealthy then it is going to demand more sleep, and there are going to be times when the patient will be unable to sleep for hours.

Learning Disability: – Learning suffers; the child fails to concentrate and grasp the lessons taught in the class, the child is going to lose the interest, and he will start failing in the exams.

Obsessive compulsive disorder is one of the most common and one of the most dangerous ADD symptoms.

Substance use disorder: – The kid will face problems in identifying objects, and he will face issues related to choosing the best substance for carrying out any work.

These all environmental stuffs are going to come back to us and they are going to disturb us a big time, we all should understand this and shall start working for a better world, we all should take oath to make the air we breathe and the water we drink clean and pollution free then only we can promise our children a brighter and a healthy future.

Muscle Building Best

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4 Major Trends in Clinical Research and Trial Data

Since a few years, the medical research field has been experiencing an increased supply and access of medical data. However the large amount of patients and their clinical data has significantly compromised the quality of the data. Take a look at the top four trends in clinical research data that enables high quality of information.

1) Real Time Data Collection: Now a days pharmaceutical and bio technological companies expect to get the data in real time as opposed to paper based case studies that need to be created months before hand. Advancement in technology has now paved way for the medical and pharmaceutical industries to collect vast quantities of real time data. This helps them to react quickly, assure patient’s safety and identify non-performing elements. This saves costs as well as time.

2) Patient-Focused Clinical Trial Trends: Clinical trials and researches require a lot of money because of its expensive infrastructure, resources and time. Experts now believe that we should start relying on patients themselves to provide any new data. This means embarking on off-site monitoring of patients through remote access that reduces the necessity of clinical sites. More technologically advanced device and data exchange through online means can contribute towards a greater and newer data collection.

3) Multiple Sources of Clinical Trial Data: The increasing sources of data and its flow are starting to present potential issues. Large quantity of data means clinical data conversion. The most effective way to convert data is integration and creating gateways between legacy systems that can be enabled through common standards.

4) DIY Trends in Clinical Research Data: The increasing complexity and the cost of vendor selection and implementation have paved the way for a self-service or do-it-yourself clinical research system. Now a days, pharmaceutical, medical and bio technology companies do not need to resort to technology stack. Low costing cloud based systems allow a clinical research services provider to write his own studies, build his own company-specific databases, create their own clinical research libraries and design their own reports and metrics. Clinical research practitioners do not need to make high IT investments to install sophisticated software solutions; now a days, you have access to subscription based software that provide you the “pay as you go” option which are more viable and cost effective.

These new technology has revolutionized the industry of clinical research and enables the systems to become more scaleable and accessible from anywhere in real time.

Affordable Medical Insurance for You and Your Family

Does your superintendent offer you family life insurance UK scope? For those lucky ones, they may secure full scope for each of their wards. Organizations offering these focal points to their staff are for the most part the individuals who have been totally living up to expectations for a few years. On the off chance that you are working in another organization, then risks are you will simply get wellbeing insurance for yourself.

Family medical insurance UK scope can help you spare from future medicinal costs. Healing facility bills are constantly lavish. Individuals keep themselves from getting tired not by any means in light of their wellbeing. It is a direct result of the long rundown of expenses which joins it. You never know when occurrences or maladies may arrive. Notwithstanding the extent to which you deal with yourself, you’ll likely still get to be sick or wind up in a significant mishap. You may take vitamins all the time or watch what you consume however when diseases hit, your general wellbeing and budgetary circumstance are influenced. Because of this, it is best to set yourself up of the conceivable uses you may have later on.

Having family best health insurance UK scope may help you as well as. As the supplier in the family, you’ll have a set of wards. You’re responsible for their prosperity so you need to deal with their needs too. Attempting to get aninsurance that handles all your wards will spare you from needing to pay a ton more than you should.

Contingent upon your scope, you may not stress over clinic stays or certain check-ups. The ones that you have to truly watch out for are the ones which involve discriminating surgical operations. Major surgical methodology ordinarily cost high and the expenses don’t stop there. Patients must take pharmaceuticals and experience treatment to totally recover. This time period may keep going for a considerable length of time or months, as per the reality of your case. Discovering reasonable real life insurance UK can trim down the expenses of specific strategies.

You may think its greatly elusive reasonable real medical insurance UK. To most people, you might never put the statement shabby or modest before any sort of insurance arrangement. The truth of the matter is, you can really discover reasonable arrangements on insurance strategies on-line. Don’t simply try for those publicized as having the most reduced value and giving more scope. Perused the terms and conditions and check if these arrangements have shrouded expenses that could shock you. You additionally need to research all the more on organizations emphasizing reasonable best health insurance UK.

Don’t waver to make inquiries in regards to the arrangements. Visit the organization’s site and find somewhat more about the administrations they offer. Investigate the measure of scope and specific conditions that you ought to meet to fit the bill for the arrangement. Don’t rapidly bounce into an arrangement without seeing different choices. It is ideal to have a decent choice so you can come close the profits you will get from each. Pick an arrangement that will be most gainful to you and your crew.

An Overview of Laparoscopic Surgery

Gone are the days when you had to undergo the knife for a minor medical condition. With the introduction of laparoscopy or minimally invasive surgery, it has now become easy to diagnose and treat almost every medical condition.

What is Laparoscopic Treatment?

Before going any further, it is important for us to understand what is laparoscopic treatment? During this type of treatment, the surgeons make tiny incisions and insert tiny instruments and a camera in order to view the internal organs and repair or remove the damaged tissue of your body. The camera clicks the image of the organs inside the body and transmits the images onto a television monitor attached to the device.

The surgeon unlike the conventional surgery does not see directly into the patient using a large incision. The video camera acts as the surgeon’s eyes and the surgeon uses the image that is transmitted from the video camera to perform the procedure.

The main highlight of this type of surgery is that the recovery time is faster as compared to the conventional surgery and the pain and discomfort involved is also minimal.

Things to remember

Here are some guidelines from Rajpal hospital in Koparkhairane that you should follow before you go for this procedure:

> You need to get admitted in the hospital couple of hours before the surgery time.
> General anesthesia is administered before the procedure.
> You need to inform the doctor of any kind of allergies that you may have well in advance.
> Inform the doctor if you are on any kind of medications.
> Avoid food and water eight hours before the procedure.
> Do not wear or carry expensive jewellery for the procedure.

Advantages of Laparascopic Surgery

There are many advantages of undergoing laparoscopic surgery treatment. In Koparkhairane, Rajpal Hospital offers the best service when it comes to this type of procedure and is one of the finest orthopedic and fracture hospital in Koparkhairane. Here are the advantages of opting for minimally invasive surgery:

> Shorter recovery time
> Shorter hospital stay
> Small scars
> Less internal scarring
> Minimal post-operative discomfort
> Lesser chances of complications

When is Laparoscopy Performed?

Some commonly performed operations include:

> Removal of the gallbladder. This is sometimes called a laparoscopic cholecystectomy, or ‘lap choly’ for short. It is now the most common way for a gallbladder to be removed.
> Removal of the appendix.
> Removal of patches of endometriosis.
> Removal of parts of the intestines.
> Female sterilization.
> Treating ectopic pregnancy.
> Taking a biopsy or a small sample of various structures inside the abdomen which can be looked at under the microscope and/or tested in other ways.

The Different Forms of Alternative Medicine

What is alternative medicine? It is any form of medicine that does not derive its base or foundation from the scientific methods of deliberation and research. These forms of treatments are not backed up by evidence from science. The basis of alternative medicine is usually religion, superstitions, traditions, supernatural energies, reasoning errors, and pseudoscience. Alternative medicine comprises numerous healthcare practices, therapies, and products. Some of the different forms of alternative medicine are listed below.


According to this form of alternative medicine, the diluted form of a substance which produces an illness in a healthy person, will also cure a sick person. However, this is against the laws of chemistry which state that the end product of repeated dilution of any substance is ultimately water, and hence the medical community considers the concept of homeopathy to be completely baseless. On the other hand, homeopathy doctors think that scientists are yet to understand what isalternative medicine.


According to naturopathy, the body uses a supernatural vital energy to cure itself in case of an illness. Naturopaths are completely against vaccination. However, there is absolutely no scientific evidence that there is any supernatural energy that heals the body.

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Traditional forms of Chinese medicine include herbal medicine, acupuncture and acupressure, Tuina or massage, Qigong or exercise, and diet therapy. All these forms of treatments have their basis in Chinese Astrology, Chinese Numerology, traditional plants and herbs grown in China, and belief in a supernatural energy called Qi. People who practice alternative medicine in China claim that they have performed surgery on a person without giving any anesthesia and producing the anesthetic effect using acupuncture. However, later these claims were proved to be false.

Ayurvedic medicine

Ayurvedic medicine is a traditional form of medicine that originated in India. It is based on the belief that the health of a body is influenced by the balance between two religions, Hinduism and Buddhism. In Ayurvedic medicine, health is defined as a healthy balance between food, sleep, and other daily activities of the body.The type of medicine used here is completely plant-based, with the use of a few animal products, and minerals such as sulfur, arsenic, lead, and copper sulfate. However, there have been reports about heavy metal poisoning after treatment with Ayurvedic medicines.

Biofield therapy

Biofield therapy works by stimulating the energy fields to surround and enter the body. One example of Biofield therapy is Acupuncture. According to this form of alternative medicine, there is a supernatural energy called Qi which is present in the entire universe and in our bodies. If due to some reason this energy flow in the body is blocked, it leads to the occurrence of disease. By inserting needles in various parts of the body, it is possible to remove the blockage and allow the energy to flow again, thus relieving the disease symptoms.

Another example of a Biofield therapy is Chiropractic. It cures disease by manipulating the spine and allowing a supernatural energy to flow through the body.